Halloween Illustrations with hidden pictures

Try to find the hidden pictures: scarecrow, witch’s hat, broomstick, bat, owl, eyeball, spider, hands, tail, and a face (profile). Last year I doodled a few Halloween scenes in my sketchbook. In one of them, I hid a few things. This year I’ve been inspired to do more of these. The illustration above is only 8″ xContinue reading “Halloween Illustrations with hidden pictures”

My First Linocut!

Finally I sat down and carved my first linocut. It’s amazing – when you make a date with yourself and commit, you follow through. I had been putting it off, sketching ideas for the design, until I realized the design didn’t really matter – it was about trying out the tools and learning the process. Linocut Tools:Continue reading “My First Linocut!”

I see the moon…

I finished my moon painting! I was working from a photo I snapped last week. Once I sat down and painted the background – I was sucked in. For the next few days, whenever I had a minute I pulled it out. After the background dried, I softened the edge of the moon, to give it a glow.Continue reading “I see the moon…”

It only takes a few minutes to start a painting…

…that will pull me back to it all week. For weeks I’ve been posting about what I’ve accomplished, my plans for 2015, my new banner, etc., BUT I haven’t been painting!!! I was more than ready for the kids to clear out and go to school after the holiday break. In fact, I was so ready, I decided toContinue reading “It only takes a few minutes to start a painting…”