Beginner Watercolor Bird’s Nest Painting Video

A Watercolor Lesson for Beginners

I was really feeling the spring vibes the day I climbed up and peeked in the Robin’s nest and saw these three eggs. Of course I painted the nest in my “Finding Joy” journal later that day!

I realized the bird’s nest was the perfect subject to share my watercolor painting process. So, I painted it again and recorded it for you.

Here’s what you’ll need to paint your own nest:

  • Watercolor or multimedia paper
  • Watercolor paints. I used brown, black, turquoise, orange, hooker’s green, raw sienna (tan) 
  • Paintbrushes – round in medium to small (thin) sizes
  • Container of water, paper towel, scrap of paper

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Watercolor Techniques you’ll learn:

  1. Painting layers
  2. Painting wet
  3. Painting dry
  4. Lightening colors with water
  5. Mixing complements to create the perfect shadow color.

I hope you’ll paint along to the video!

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Here’s the reference photo I took:

Robin's Nest Photo

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I’ve designed several fun tutorials to help you learn watercolor – available in pdf and video form.

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Beginner Watercolor Exploration Guide

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Painting Watercolor Seascapes

Watercolor seascape painting lesson - How to paint the ocean in watercolor online video lesson
Three years ago I started painting watercolor seascapes. I wanted to find the answer to, “How do you capture the ocean in paint?” I had just finished participating in three back to back month long challenges and I saw how focusing on a single theme or medium leads to real progress in ideas and skills.

Focusing on seascapes was so valuable. Painting the same subject over and over helped me progress so much. I developed a process for painting seascapes that I continue to follow. Over time I added white gouache – more opaque than watercolor – to my process. I also incorporated some techniques I learned that others use.

I observed the ocean (both in person and the photos I took) to truly “see” what I was trying to paint. I continued well past one month. When summer came and I went in the ocean I momentarily had the feeling that I was IN a painting.

Even now three years later the ocean is my favorite subject. It’s such an amazing subject because it changes so much. The water in the same exact spot can change based on weather and tides even within a short time period.

I’m excited to announce that my online watercolor seascape painting video lesson. During the lesson we paint using a specific reference photo. But aside from learning to paint the seascape pictured above, you’ll learn the process to follow which can then be applied to your own photos.

Easy Watercolor Seascape online video lesson for beginners

The lesson is appropriate for all levels. Beginners should have a basic understanding of watercolor before trying this lesson.

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Other resources for complete beginners:

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