Acrylic Seascape Details

I brought this painting back to life today. Here’s how it looked this morning. 👇 I was going for a simpler look, but it was falling flat. Adding details, using a reference photo made all the difference. Details I added: Clouds in the sky – I used an acrylic gel medium to thin out theContinue reading “Acrylic Seascape Details”

How to Paint the Ocean with Watercolor and Gouache

The beach has been the backdrop of my life. It’s where I was born and raised, played, worked as a lifeguard…and now enjoy summer days with my family. I spend a lot of time learning and practicing capturing the ocean in watercolor. Download the full  “Waterscape Seascape Painting Tutorial,” in my Etsy shop. How to PaintContinue reading “How to Paint the Ocean with Watercolor and Gouache”

Capturing the Bluest Blue Sky

I’m happy with the results of the sky above, which is ironic because I thought this painting was a lost cause. This is what it looked like: In an effort to capture the saturated blue of the sky (with a hint of purple), I had previously used several colors (including cadmium red and ultramarine) andContinue reading “Capturing the Bluest Blue Sky”