Watercolor Skies

Blue Wave #11 by Eileen McKenna https://shop.eileenmckenna.com/
Blue Wave #11

Prints available at shop.eileenmckenna.com.

When I first started painting my seascapes, the skies were simple blue gradations, with the lightest blue closest to the horizon. With each seascape painting I started playing a bit more with the sky – trying to achieve the perfect sky blue, adding other colors as a glow on the horizon, adding a bit of texture for clouds.

Then I did two painting with gray cloudy skies, which were a lot of fun.

Surf Camp 1 by Eileen McKenna https://shop.eileenmckenna.com/
Surf Camp 1
Surf Camp 2 by Eileen McKenna https://shop.eileenmckenna.com/
Surf Camp 2

Now more often than not, I’m adding colors and texture to my skies, like in these recent paintings.

Watercolor Seascape "November 1" by Eileen McKenna
November 1 by Eileen McKenna
Watercolor Seascape "November 2" by Eileen McKenna
November 2 by Eileen McKenna

I’m still striving to find the perfect mix of blue for “sky blue,” especially to capture those bright blue sky, summer days.

I even searched online for “best watercolor blue for the sky” and found a great post on Scratchmade Journal by Tonya, who experimented and discovered,
“almost any combination of blues can be used to create a realistic sky in watercolor, but no single blue worked well alone.”

See all my seascape paintings and compare the skies at shop.eileenmckenna.com. Prints of my seascapes are available on watercolor paper or canvas, in many sizes including the new “mini” canvas 11″ x 14.”


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11 thoughts on “Watercolor Skies

  1. Love these! The simple blue sky in the first is gentle and serene, but as you add detail & try different color combos, the skies come alive. And the gray stormy skies have a lot of personality.

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