Add a notebook to your painting setup

Eileen McKenna watercolor artist
I find it useful to have a small notebook opened next to my palette. This way if I have a thought for a blog post, want to remember which blue I’m using, or whatever, I can just scribble a note to myself. I also write down the date and time of the photo I’m painting from. This way it’s easier to find on my iPad when I sit down again to paint. This saves me a lot of time.

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7 thoughts on “Add a notebook to your painting setup

  1. That’s a really great idea! I love it! I should keep one in my art box since I don’t have a designated space… eh… other than the kitchen table. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Yes, I do keep a notebook – mine has thoughts, inspirations, ideas, how to advice that people give me, notes on painting details (colors used etc) it helps me keep my brain clear to think about what I am doing, when I am painting, I think?! Or maybe it’s an extension of my brain or… memory! Couldn’t be without it, anyway, Eileen! This is great advice for anyone who doesn’t use one 🙂

    1. Thanks Hilda, you made me realize that I also keep a bigger notebook, where I keep all my creative ideas and daily thoughts and creative to do lists. I’d be lost if I couldn’t flip back and remind myself of recent ideas! Keeps me on track. The notebook in this post, as you say, is about painting colors, reference photos, and things that occur to me as I paint. BTW have you checked out the savvy painter podcast? I love listening to it while I paint.

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