Watercolor Painting “Must Haves”

Painting “Must Haves” #watercolor #supplies #beginner

I’ve joined in on the fun with Mollie Makes magazine, a lifestyle and craft magazine for those who live creatively, and followed the prompts for #molliemakersweek. Today’s prompt was “must haves.” I recommend these products to anyone starting out in watercolor.

My “must haves”

My “making spot”
“Making Spot” #painting

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9 thoughts on “Watercolor Painting “Must Haves”

  1. Thank you for all of the great suggestions Eileen. For my New Year’s resolution I want to learn watercolor and gouache. Would the fluid watercolor paper work for gouache too or would I need to get paper that is specifically for gouache?

    1. Kelcie, That’s so exciting, I’m glad my post helped. Gouache is described as being like watercolor just more opaque, I’ve always used it on watercolor paper. I must admit I usually used it with watercolor – the foam of the ocean. Only occasionally have I done a piece that is all gouache. I’ve never felt the paper wasn’t up to the task, but you could search online and see if people ever use other papers. Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

  2. I thought that looked like coffee. I find that coffee is a must have item for oil painting, too.

    Also for pencil drawing, acrylic painting, collage, pastel, colored pencils, neocolors, oil pastels, for writing, planning, bill paying — and I know I’m forgetting a bunch of things!

    I find it’s kind of all purpose!!

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