Painting Larger

Quite by accident I almost doubled the size of the watercolor paper I was using and I’m so glad. For years I happily painted on 8″ x 8″ paper. When I went on Amazon, I ordered the Fluid Watercolor paper in 12″ x 12″ instead of my normal 8″ x 8″. When the package arrived the padsContinue reading “Painting Larger”

11 art supplies I can’t paint without!

Painting Essentials: Canson Multimedia sketchbook. Love the thicker paper in this sketchbook. I can add watercolor without the pages buckling. Fluid Cold Press watercolor paper. I especially love the square shape of this high quality thick watercolor paper! Uniball signo 207 bold gel pen. I love how smooth these pens are when I want toContinue reading “11 art supplies I can’t paint without!”

My 8 inch square paintings

What size, shape do you like to work in? When I finally started using watercolor paper (I know what was I waiting for?) I came across Fluid Watercolor Paper 8″ square pad or “Easy Block” as they call it. I love working with this size and shape! As you can tell by the image above, I doContinue reading “My 8 inch square paintings”

Watercolor redo

Which one do YOU like better? Above is my first attempt. I started very wet – probably too wet. It was for fun and I really didn’t have any expectations. So I worked wet, messy and quick. But when it was finished I thought – It’s kind of cool. There is some real potential here. Maybe IContinue reading “Watercolor redo”