Yellow InkTober – Days 21-24

Lemon slices by Eileen McKenna #inktober #lemons #yellow
After using white ink on blue paper, I decided to try black on yellow for the next couple of sketches. It was especially fitting for the¬†Day 21 prompt of “juicy,” and my lemon slices.

Running trail. InkTober sketch by Eileen McKenna
Day 22 – Trail. I found an inspiration photo on Instagram by photographer Codi Mathison.

Day 23 – Furious. I searched Instagram for #angrytoddler and found the funniest story about a little girl who ate the cheese between the Ritz cracker sandwiches, lined them up on the couch, and then was demanding more! ūü§£

Day 24. I drew a quick sketch of Rick from the Walking Dead, inspired by the season premiere.

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