Yellow InkTober – Days 21-24

Lemon slices by Eileen McKenna #inktober #lemons #yellow
After using white ink on blue paper, I decided to try black on yellow for the next couple of sketches. It was especially fitting for the Day 21 prompt of “juicy,” and my lemon slices.

Running trail. InkTober sketch by Eileen McKenna
Day 22 – Trail. I found an inspiration photo on Instagram by photographer Codi Mathison.

Day 23 – Furious. I searched Instagram for #angrytoddler and found the funniest story about a little girl who ate the cheese between the Ritz cracker sandwiches, lined them up on the couch, and then was demanding more! 🤣

Day 24. I drew a quick sketch of Rick from the Walking Dead, inspired by the season premiere.

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