Yellow InkTober – Days 21-24

After using white ink on blue paper, I decided to try black on yellow for the next couple of sketches. It was especially fitting for the Day 21 prompt of “juicy,” and my lemon slices. Day 22 – Trail. I found an inspiration photo on Instagram by photographer Codi Mathison. Day 23 – Furious. I searchedContinue reading “Yellow InkTober – Days 21-24”

Flowers – Inktober Day 19-20

Day 20 – Roses. I decided to change things up and pulled out my white gel pen for these sketches. I should use it more. I like the look of it on a darker paper. Day 19 – Zinnia. I started this with a watercolor background – working from a photo I found in theContinue reading “Flowers – Inktober Day 19-20”

Surfer Dad and Son

I really got into my InkTober sketch today. First I drew in pencil the father and son – from a photo I took last month. Then I went over the pencil in ink and erased the pencil. I added watercolor in the background. Then I added the foam in the water using white gouache. IContinue reading “Surfer Dad and Son”

InkTober days 5-8

It’s interesting to see what everyone chooses to draw for InkTober, how they interpret the same prompts (if they use the prompts), and even how we all struggle to draw every day. On day 5 the prompt was “long.” Having grown up in Long Beach I knew immediately what I wanted to draw. I didContinue reading “InkTober days 5-8”