InkTober days 1-4

InkTober day 1 leaves
I was all excited for InkTober, and then I procrastinated the first day. Most of the InkTober prompts are verbs which I find hard. I used a prompt from – leaves. Of course it was dark as I searched for leaves in the yard!

InkTober day 2 apples
Day 2 I used a prompt from both InkTober – divided, and doodlewash – apples. But I wasn’t thrilled with my results. It’s kind of a “which comes first?” question. If I start in watercolor, I build up the layers and then add a little ink. If I start in ink, I use a lot of ink details and then add a little watercolor.

InkTober day 3 seagull
Day 3 I didn’t follow any prompts and drew a seagull.

InkTober Day 4 scarecrow
Day 4 the new scarecrow on the porch was calling to me.

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10 thoughts on “InkTober days 1-4

  1. Yes, and I look forward to your monthly newsletter! I did a couple of inktober posts but I need to focus more on one thing. I might do a couple more, but Iโ€™ve got to keep my focus on watercolor. Otherwise I end up going in too many directions, which is not a good thing for my brain! Your inking drawings are terrific, as always! I especially love the seagull because it reminds me of the ocean ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Nice!!! Loved your interpretation of ‘divided’ using apples. Even I am not following prompts regularly but when I do, I like how it pushes me to try stuff out of my comfort zone.

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