InkTober days 9-12

InkToberAfter a few days spent in the car visiting colleges, this is what I came home and drew. The way there on Sunday was nice with lots of pretty fall foliage. The way home pouring rain. 😦

Easy Forest Watercolor Painting for Beginners
I’m cheating a bit, using this extra painting with ink from last week. Forgive me but using it helps me catch up with my InkTober drawings. For any watercolor beginners out there, I share my steps in creating this easy painting in this post. It covers a few watercolor techniques.

Run InkTober
For day 11 I followed the InkTober prompt “run.” This was my third attempt and for this one I started with pencil. When drawing figures I have to “work it out” and adjust the lines, so pencil comes in handy.

InkTober shatter #inktober

The day 12 prompt was “shatter.” This is what came to mind. 😂 I’m all caught up!

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