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14 Days of Valentine’s Day Art


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Last year I got into the spirit of Valentine’s Day and created art every day, for 14 days, within that theme. I posted my creations on Instagram. It was a great learning experience, as I learned to dig deeper into a theme – once the obvious ideas were out of the way. I really fell in love with Instagram and it’s power to motivate me.

My display of last year’s “Valentine’s Day” work:

Currently I’m working on a 100 day project. I’m painting the beach. So this year’s Valentine’s Day art looks like this:

Beach Heart painting

Learn more about my beach heart here.

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Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

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11 thoughts on “14 Days of Valentine’s Day Art

  1. What a great idea Eileen, the color, hearts, love , sweets. It doesn’t get any better. I love IG too! Your posts last year are awesome.

  2. I agree with Sharon – what a gorgeous display of your works on a theme!

  3. These are wonderful, Eileen, and presented beautifully…I wouldn’t mind a few on my wall! But, No “I Love Me’ image…for those of us who don’t receive Valentines!

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  5. LoVe your valentine themed art and how you displayed them! ❤️💜💙

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