Creative Recharge…Vacation


A walk, a visit to a museum, a trip to the beach, are all good ways to recharge your creative batteries. But nothing beats a vacation – a break from the daily grind. Last week, we took the kids to Universal in Orlando. I put my daily creative habits on hold and instead, soaked in the inspiration all around me. The creativity at these theme parks is mind blowing. The details put into every attraction is amazing. I was especially blown away by the Harry Potter worlds. You feel like you are in the story. They are well worth the trip! I was in awe of Platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts Express.

What really amazed me was the details within the details. The logos on the wand boxes. The packaging on the toys and candy. The crests on the suitcases.

I was even impressed by our hotel, which had a retro theme. The details were everywhere – the pattern on the tables, the rugs, iron wall art, the retro mural in the cafeteria hall, and the vintage commercials that played on loop in the cafeteria hall.
mural carpet




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