A Pop of Color

I love a pop of color. I have a turquoise table in my family room, a bright green handbag. I’m certainly not a pioneer in this. Walking around the mall recently, I noticed color everywhere! It is Spring after all.

The other day, my friend Lisa took me to Charming Charlie, a store I’d never been too. Lisa had a feeling I’d love it. The store is organized by color. I walked in and said, “Oh, it’s beautiful!” I wished I’d taken pictures to show you. This link will give you a small taste of what the store looks like.

On their website, you can shop by color. Not in the – click on a shirt, now sort by color – way. But in the – show me everything you have in turquoise (shirts, necklaces, bags, etc.) – way. This page on their site looks like a painters palette!

Who would have thought that shopping could be so creatively inspiring?! I couldn’t wait to get home and pull out the watercolors.

9 thoughts on “A Pop of Color

  1. This is beautiful, Eileen! I love the way you handles the field of blue… the shapes are so cool! And the lemons look delicious! 😍 Oh… and this would totally be something to bring to dinner for my challenge this month! If you want to be featured in my gallery at the end of the month, just tag it #doodlewashdinner or just let me know! Hehe

  2. I find that shopping seems to always spark my creativity, well, except for a place like Kmart! lol lovely color and I especially that translucent blue! Oh but the limes….so bright and “here I am” going on for them….

  3. I love color too, Eileen! 💖🎨👍 Your painting reminds me of summer and having a lemonade stand as a child – although I know you have painted limes. And a what a neat store – thanks for sharing it! 😍

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