5 thoughts on “Facebook Algorithm

  1. Hi Eileen, I found your site when I was reading responses to Melanie Falick’s question “why making with your hands is important…” Love your illustrations!

    Anyway, I feel your pain about this whole FB conundrum. Sometimes my posts are seen by a bunch of people, sometimes only 2, regardless of the time/topic/frequency/engagement experiments I have done. There is no rhyme or reason. I feel like social media is a royal pain and a massive time suck. I still post to FB (weekly), Twitter (occasionally) and Instagram (daily) but I’ve stopped worrying about who sees it. I just post what makes me happy and then I move on.

    I know that’s not particularly helpful advice but I hope you find some tips to get more eyes on your posts! 🙂

      1. Definitely looking forward to hearing how your experiment comes out. Maybe you’ll crack the mystery behind those annoying algorithms!

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