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Drawing Digital Portraits


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A client asked me to create a digital portrait of her to use on social media and the website I was creating for her. Years ago I “drew” in Adobe Illustrator using the mouse. I would click for each point and click and drag if I wanted a curve. The limitation with this drawing method was that the illustrations lacked style and a hand drawn look.

Last year I purchased a new iPad. I didn’t get a Pro and an Apple Pencil, because we had just gotten a Wacom drawing tablet and I didn’t think I’d be drawing on the iPad. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found out I could draw on it! I guess I wanted to after all.

I made the discovery when I noticed a squiggly line in the notes app and tried writing with my finger. From there I purchased an inexpensive stylus pen. I ordered the one that had the “finest point” I could find. I then discovered – through a podcast – that Adobe Illustrator has an app for the iPad – Adobe Draw. I could draw in layers! And I could send the layered file to Illustrator on the desktop for further refinement!

I’m still getting used to using a stylus. I want to lean on the iPad like a sketchbook for more control and precision. For the digital portrait I did several rough drawings for the client using a few photos as reference. She picked one illustration and I refined it and showed it to her again. She requested some minor edits, which I made. At this stage I refined the illustrations in Illustrator on my desktop and created two color variations. She was very happy with the final result – which makes me so proud. I decided to try my own portrait. No one should have to study their own picture so closely! I may have left some wrinkles off. 🙂

Digital portrait illustration http://www.mycreativeresolution.com

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10 thoughts on “Drawing Digital Portraits

  1. these are great! Nice job!

  2. My goodness, technology never ceases to amaze me, and I consider myself pretty tech savvy. Great illustrations – you’ve used the program to perfection!

  3. Very nice Eileen 😀 I like the simplicity of forms. I do have wacom but i hardly use it. I generally use Illustrator or photoshop. Now a days Sketch is my recent favorite tool for everything vector illustrations to UI design.

    • We got a tablet for my son and I never really used it. Is Sketch an app? What is UI design?

      • Yes sketch 3 is a software like Adobe photoshop and illustrator. It’s vector based tool. Which is currently used by designers for UI – user interface design such as website, mobile applications design etc this was a really simple explanation but you’ll get much more on google. Hope this will help you friend 😀

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