Drawing Digital Portraits

A client asked me to create a digital portrait of her to use on social media and the website I was creating for her. Years ago I “drew” in Adobe Illustrator using the mouse. I would click for each point and click and drag if I wanted a curve. The limitation with this drawing methodContinue reading “Drawing Digital Portraits”

Silver Bells

Day 22 of the Christmas countdown. Silver bells, silver bells… One of my favorite Christmas songs! I drew the bell in Adobe draw on my iPad. I thought I’d do more digital drawings this month, but instead spent 21 days working in watercolor and ink. Carol is painting along with me. See her beautiful bellsContinue reading “Silver Bells”

Drawing Digitally

With InkTober motivating me, I’ve been focused on my sketchbook this month. But sitting on the couch this afternoon I grabbed my iPad and stylus pen to get back to drawing digitally. The boy pulling his wagon was the last one I did weeks ago. The whole feel of drawing on the iPad is differentContinue reading “Drawing Digitally”

Playing around with Adobe Draw

Today at the pool I pulled out my iPad and a stylus pen and drew a tree, followed by people in the pool. I’ve used Adobe Draw twice before and it’s something I want to do more of. Previously my digital illustration was done by pointing and clicking the mouse in Adobe Illustrator on theContinue reading “Playing around with Adobe Draw”