Playing around with Adobe Draw


Today at the pool I pulled out my iPad and a stylus pen and drew a tree, followed by people in the pool. I’ve used Adobe Draw twice before and it’s something I want to do more of.


Previously my digital illustration was done by pointing and clicking the mouse in Adobe Illustrator on the desktop. Although I’ve wanted to do more digital drawing, sitting at the computer feels like work, so I usually end up with pen and sketch pad instead.

Earlier in the summer, I notice a scribbly line in notes and started drawing with my finger. After that I read about an artist that uses Adobe Draw and thought, “I need that!” Then I saw a stylus at my mom’s house and ordered one for myself.


Adobe Draw is awesome because you can work in layers like Illustrator. I haven’t even gotten to the point of opening files from Adobe Draw in Illustrator (to refine them), but I’m under the impression that you can do that, and that they’ll be vector files.

Drawing on the iPad is so quick, compared to traditional materials. Although there are things I’d like to do that I’m still figuring out. I plan on playing around more with this. 😀

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