Capturing the Light

“Light” by Eileen McKenna - capturing the light when painting in watercolors #coastalart #coastalinteriors
I’ve been painting the ocean for most of this year. Each painting is a learning experience – getting better in some aspects, struggling in others, and discovering new areas to strive to capture. As I got better with the form of the wave, the movement of the water, the foam,  I experimented with textured cloudy skies. And I’m always working towards mixing the perfect color for the ocean – which is different in every reference photo!

A new goal surfaced – to better capture the light. I struggled with it in areas of a few paintings, and wasn’t happy with the results. I picked the reference photo for the painting above because it was all about the light. That’s why I’m calling this one “Light.” I’m proud of the results.

If you’d like to order a print of this painting or any of my other watercolors click here.

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