Giving the gift of art

Side surfer watercolor print by Eileen McKenna #coastalart
I went to a party the other night and as a gift for the person of honor, I framed a print of my “Side Surfer” watercolor painting. While in the process of framing the print, I began questioning my idea. It’s one thing to offer your art for sale – people are free to buy it or not. But if you give it to someone, you are assuming they’d want it. When I realized I had to cut a custom size mat, I almost gave up and ran to the store for a generic gift. But I kept going and in the end was happy with the result. And my friend seemed to like it. 😊

I’ve added new watercolor paintings to my shop! Prints are available at Take a look!

6 thoughts on “Giving the gift of art

  1. I have often felt that way too – but if it feels right and your heart has the right intention – then go for it! The love will be felt. It is a lovely gift and painting and love the frame!

  2. What a good question!!! I have often wondered about this dilemma. The fear of, “what if they don’t like it?!” can overshadow the event. Art is the best gift an artist can give! So glad that you gave the print – it looks fabulous!

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