Watercolor Ice Cream Cones Online Lesson

I miss teaching the kids at the art studio! We are all stuck home trying to stay motivated and creative. The positive in all of this is I’ve had time to develop a new watercolor lesson specifically for beginners with kids, and the young at heart, in mind – Watercolor Ice Cream Cones!

In this video painting lesson I’ve broken down the steps for painting ice cream cones. I introduce each step and then explain it. Kids can follow along, listening and watching, and then pause the lesson to complete that step. At any point they can go back to watch a step again.

Learn more here -> Watercolor Ice Cream Cones Online Video Painting Lesson

At any level, the results of this painting project are beautiful! It’s fun to complete the lesson more than once because with different color choices the final watercolor ice cream cones paintings will be quite different!

Throughout the lesson participants will learn the difference between wet and dry painting, as well as several watercolor fun techniques!

The lesson is an afternoon of painting fun and learning watercolor! The running time of the video is 20 minutes, but there are three places where the paint needs to dry before moving on. (Twice for 15 minutes. Once for about an hour.)

Learn more here -> Watercolor Ice Cream Cones Online Video Painting Lesson

After you purchase the video lesson, download the pdf file made available to you. It contains the link and password to access the lesson, and the list of supplies. Help the kids gather the supplies, access the video and they will be on their way to a fun time painting!

I would love to see their final paintings! Tag me on Instagram @eileenmckenna.

Learn more here -> Watercolor Ice Cream Cones Online Video Painting Lesson

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Watercolor Art Lesson for Kids – fun and easy video tutorial

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