Unique Fabric

Finding Unique fabric

Beach Summer Fabrics - unique fabrics

Looking for unique fabrics for your next sewing project? Looking for fabric that represents a unique hobby or passion? Spoonflower has tons of niche fabrics created by independent designers – like me! Visit my Spoonflower shop here.

Lacrosse fabrics - unique fabrics

Finding fabric for a hobby or passion

It isn’t hard on Spoonflower to find a unique fabric. In the Spoonflower Magazine they have a section called:

“There’s A Design for That”

“With the largest collection of surface patterns in the world, Spoonflower has always been the destination for one-of-a-kind designs. But did you know that thousands of new designs are added every month? Dive into our Marketplace and spend a few minutes discovering the perfect match for any personality-we know you’ll find one as unique as you are.”

– Spoonflower Magazine

I know first hand that people are looking for niche fabrics. By far my biggest sellers are very niche fabrics, specifically my Swimming Laps and Rainbow Goggles fabrics and more recently my Lacrosse fabrics.

Swimming fabrics - unique fabrics

Somewhere, someone is looking to make a quilt or other sewing projects that encompasses their unique interests or a loved one’s interests. That’s how I connected with Sue Finley. Sue made a quilt for her daughter’s swim team. I was honored that my fabrics were part of it. Both my Swimming Laps and Rainbow Goggles fabrics are part of this quilt.

"Eat, Sleep, Swim, Repeat" swimming quilt by Wee Susie Stitches #swimming #quilt

create your own fabric designs

Can’t find the right fabric? Create your own!

I began turning my watercolor illustrations into fabric patterns on Spoonflower back in 2015. You can do it too! Fabrics are made up of a simple piece of artwork that “repeats” over and over. When you are uploading a design to Spoonflower, you upload the single “repeat.” Think of it as a slice of the design. Spoonflower will duplicate the repeat to fill whatever length of fabric you or someone else orders.

Example of a fabric repeat - How to create a repeating fabric pattern

How to create a repeat

In the post “How to create a repeating pattern in Photoshop,” I detail how I go about turning my illustrations into repeats. Below is also a Spoonflower video on the same topic.

How to create a repeating pattern in Photoshop. For fabric prints, gift wrap, wallpaper and more.
How to create a repeating pattern in Photoshop.

earn money from your fabric designs!

Not only can you upload your designs and order fabrics for your own sewing projects, but you can offer your designs for sale and make a commission when some else orders your fabric! Who doesn’t love passive income?

Let me know if you decide to give fabric design (called surface design) a try – I’d love to hear!

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