Taking a step back

I like to prop a painting up on the mantle, step back, and look at it from different angles. After working up close it’s a good way to see if it is done. And there’s my tree in the mirror! 🎄 Stages: Have you visited my online shop? Prints of my seascapes are available onContinue reading “Taking a step back”

Creative Holiday Gifts for budgets big and small

If you are looking for a creative gift, browse my ornament designs at http://www.zazzle.com/eileen_mckenna. Want to make a bigger impact? Canvas prints make a great gift! Browse the available paintings at shop.eileenmckenna.com. How about some wearable holiday spirit? Give an enamel Nutcracker Pin!   Currently shipping only in the continental U.S. Get creative with your gift wrap!Continue reading “Creative Holiday Gifts for budgets big and small”

Painting the Ocean with White Gouache

As I wrote about in my last post, I began painting the ocean in January. As is customary with watercolor, I was leaving the white of the paper bare for the white areas of my painting or I would remove paint with a damp brush or blot with a towel. This preplanning of what areasContinue reading “Painting the Ocean with White Gouache”

My 11 month long project – Painting the Ocean

After participating in three separate month long challenges in 2016, I saw how focusing on a single theme or medium can lead to real progress in ideas or skills or both. So when I completed the last challenge I decided to focus January (2017) on figuring out how to paint the ocean. I often wondered,Continue reading “My 11 month long project – Painting the Ocean”

Capturing the Light

I’ve been painting the ocean for most of this year. Each painting is a learning experience – getting better in some aspects, struggling in others, and discovering new areas to strive to capture. As I got better with the form of the wave, the movement of the water, the foam,  I experimented with textured cloudyContinue reading “Capturing the Light”

Stages of a watercolor wave painting

It felt good the other morning to sit and paint. I didn’t have any ongoing paintings, so first I set up several boards – taping the watercolor paper down. For this painting I worked with the paper still stuck to the pad – not as effective as taping it down, but I ran out ofContinue reading “Stages of a watercolor wave painting”

Stop, don’t ruin it! There is always the next painting.

Last week I was finishing up a painting and kept noticing what I’ll call weaknesses – areas I wanted to better capture. In an effort to improve the painting I kept tweaking it. In the end I overworked it and should have left it the way it was. I’m learning that as you paint, especiallyContinue reading “Stop, don’t ruin it! There is always the next painting.”

Three New Ocean Watercolor Paintings

September was especially beautiful at the beach this year. It stayed warm much longer than usual. The surf was often very rough because of the hurricanes brewing far from shore. Here are three watercolors I painted from photos taken last month. And I took a ton more photos to last me through the winter! TheseContinue reading “Three New Ocean Watercolor Paintings”

Surf Collection

Surf Camp is the third collection of watercolor paintings I’ve released as Limited Edition Giclee Art Prints in my online shop. While my previous paintings featured bright blue skies, for these two paintings I had the pleasure of painting dark cloudy skies.

The Green Collection

I’ve added six new paintings to my online shop! Four of the paintings are “The Green Collection.” You may remember that in August I launched my shop with “The Blue Collection.” Grouping the paintings by the color of the ocean made perfect sense to me when the giclee printer suggested it. Something that has alwaysContinue reading “The Green Collection”