Practice, practice, practice…

Last week I participated in an online hand-lettering workshop. Impatient person that I am, I quickly realized that this craft takes a lot of practice! Today I sat down to write a Gaelic phrase, “Erin Go Bragh,” which means, “Ireland Forever.” (It’s March, I can’t help but celebrate my Irish roots.) I wanted to write theContinue reading “Practice, practice, practice…”

So excited! (Calligraphy Workshop)

Today I started an online Calligraphy workshop. I really like it. One of the supplies for the workshop is a Tombow brush pen. I have smaller Tombows, but this pen is awesome! This is exactly what I was looking for – hand lettering with a brush (not a nib and ink). The pen makes it almost easy.Continue reading “So excited! (Calligraphy Workshop)”

2015 – off to a great start!

So far I’ve been working on several of my 2015 goals and it’s only the first week of January! Here’s what I’ve hit so far. Lettering and Doodling – Every couple of days I pull out my sketch book and doodle and practice my lettering. I’m finding that I can create more whimsical, simpler illustrationsContinue reading “2015 – off to a great start!”

10 things I want to try in 2015 and links to those who inspire me!

I can’t wait for 2015! (my creative resolution.2) There are so many things I am excited to try! The above image is the Christmas present I bought myself (see item #1). Things I want to try in 2015: Linocut. It seems like a lot of work but the results are awesome! I am inspired by Andrea Lauren who I followContinue reading “10 things I want to try in 2015 and links to those who inspire me!”

Freehand vs. Computer Lettering

I’ve been playing around with this project – practicing the lettering in my sketchbook, playing with fonts on the computer. I even scanned my watercolor background and printed it with type I set up on the computer. I don’t usually do this. I create on the computer enough as a Graphic Designer and when IContinue reading “Freehand vs. Computer Lettering”

Beach Lover Wooden Sign

I bought a piece of wood and had it cut into pieces at the hardware store. Using acrylic paints – teal and white – I added streaks of both and blended them, to get achieve a beachy, sun bleached look. I set up the lettering on the computer and outlined it. Last time around IContinue reading “Beach Lover Wooden Sign”

Painting Wooden Signs

Finally, I’m tackling a wood project! I’ve been interested in painting on wood, and creating handmade signs. It was surprisingly easy to walk in to Ace, pick out wood and ask them to cut it. And cheap! I pulled out the hand sander, which made me feel like a pro, and gave the wood a lightContinue reading “Painting Wooden Signs”

Practicing Painting Lettering

I’ve been practicing! The other day I copied an alphabet from a book (2x). Today I wrote “hello” many times! It’s interesting what you learn by doing, especially when you keep repeating something. Here’s what I’ve learned: Too much coffee makes my hand and my letters shaky Light touch – thin line, more pressure – thicker line. IContinue reading “Practicing Painting Lettering”

Thank you to all my followers!

Last week I decided to try my hand at lettering. I love the look of painted words in a watercolor. I kept painting “thank you.” I think I was hopefully anticipating one more follower which would bring me to 100. A goal I couldn’t even fathom when I started. Since last week, several new followers have pushedContinue reading “Thank you to all my followers!”