Painting within a theme for 31 days

This month I worked almost daily painting the beach. It’s a place that is very close to my heart. I grew up just a few blocks away from it. My mom referred to it as our backyard. I played there, I worked there, and eventually brought my own kids there. I learned a lot thisContinue reading “Painting within a theme for 31 days”

Having the time to experiment

Almost a month focusing on one theme has given me time to try new techniques and tools, including: Using a white gel pen to add the foam of the ocean Mixing different color combinations for the ocean and sand Adding white gouache to my skin tone mixture for a creamier look Using painter’s tape to achieve aContinue reading “Having the time to experiment”

Starting Can be the Hardest Part

I can write all about the benefits of creating every day, but there are some days where I’m busy, or sick, or just don’t feel like it. So what to do then? If I really don’t have a second, or I am sick like last week, I put in extra time the next day. UsuallyContinue reading “Starting Can be the Hardest Part”

Practice practice practice

My kids are asking why I am painting the same wave over and over. I’m practicing I tell them. My younger son also asked why I was painting the beach and not a snowy scene like what’s outside our window. I’m more into my beach painting project than a week ago. I’m not bored inContinue reading “Practice practice practice”

Week 1 of painting the beach

I’m really enjoying focusing on painting the beach this month. I kicked it off with a walk on the beach – of course taking lots of photos. I’ve taken the pressure off myself to finish a painting every day and post it. Instead I’m enjoying the process of mixing paints to find the right colors forContinue reading “Week 1 of painting the beach”

A visit to the beach

We visited the beach on New Year’s Day. It was the perfect way to kick off my January “painting the beach” project. This is the beach I grew up just a few blocks from. Having the beach as our “backyard” was a special thing that instilled in me a love for the beach and theContinue reading “A visit to the beach”