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Tips on painting waves in watercolor


Watercolor Seascape Tutorial Download
Tips for painting waves in watercolor:

  • Determine what direction the light is coming from
  • Create the waves with dark and light areas.
  • Where is the detail in the painting? And therefore where is the eye drawn to? Contrasts also draw the eye.
  • Keep slivers of white (the paper) which suggests waves in the distance. Add dark areas in front of these.
  • Blotting with a tissue can create the spray of a wave
  • Dark edges makes the foam look thicker
  • Wet sand has blue in it
  • Horizontal strokes in your painting make things look flatter – use a flat brush
  • Use other colors in the sky, not just blue
  • There is a reflection in things that are wet and shiny – like wet sand
  • The position of the horizon line effects the vantage point of the painting (where you are standing on the beach)
  • The water is greener closer to the shore
  • Colors in a painting – use the same colors throughout your whole painting
  • Use white gouache to add foam areas, spray, waves in the distance, etc.

Easy Watercolor Seascape online video lesson for beginners

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Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

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21 thoughts on “Tips on painting waves in watercolor

  1. Great tips. Thanks for sharing, Eileen!

  2. Waves are always tricky. Good practical tips!

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  8. Thanks. It motivates me to start painting again

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  10. I’m inspired to paint again, thanks to you!

  11. Thanks for your help I really enjoyed your tutorial!

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