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Tips and tools that prove invaluable


Watercolor beach painting
When I think about the progress I’ve made in the past two months, there are a few things that standout out to me. First watching videos of other artists painting waves gave me some great tips (which I wrote about here.)

Second, one of the artists was using a flat brush so I bought a couple to try. The smaller flat brush has become invaluable to me.

Lastly, when I started using white gouache for the foam of the waves it was a turning point.


14 tips on painting waves in watercolor
Β Process for Painting the Beach in Watercolor


Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

Web and Print Designer living in New York. I blog about painting, illustration, and designing patterns. Inquires are welcome.

6 thoughts on “Tips and tools that prove invaluable

  1. Wow! I have that brush … wonderful information and painting tips, thanks!

  2. I love your painting! I can hear the sound of the waves πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing your tips and tools along the way, it’s so helpful!

  3. Mmm, your waves are very inspiring, Eileen! You’ve got me hankering to return to the subject in Acrylics now, though of course it’s a different game to watercolors!

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