10 “How to” Posts on Painting, Graphic Design, Creativity and more!

It’s still amazing to me that I made a commitment to be creative, created this blog to hold myself accountable, have continued with it for over five years, and have published over 600 posts! This from someone who previously couldn’t finish a creative project. Here’s a round up of my best “How to” posts. HowContinue reading “10 “How to” Posts on Painting, Graphic Design, Creativity and more!”

The First Few Creative Days of 2019

2019 is off to a good start! I’m making drawing and painting a priority and try to work in the mornings, even if it’s just for a little bit. It’s fun to sit down with no real thought as to where it will lead and let things unfold. With painting holiday themed things throughout December,Continue reading “The First Few Creative Days of 2019”

Filming Your Art Process

I’m really excited about the gift I recently received. It’s a stand to hold my phone above my work area so I can make a video of my painting process. The stand is called an Akron Kitchen Desk Table Stand. Previously I would try to hold my phone or iPad in front of me so IContinue reading “Filming Your Art Process”

Taking a step back

I like to prop a painting up on the mantle, step back, and look at it from different angles. After working up close it’s a good way to see if it is done. And there’s my tree in the mirror! 🎄 Stages: Have you visited my online shop? Prints of my seascapes are available onContinue reading “Taking a step back”

Painting the Ocean with White Gouache

As I wrote about in my last post, I began painting the ocean in January. As is customary with watercolor, I was leaving the white of the paper bare for the white areas of my painting or I would remove paint with a damp brush or blot with a towel. This preplanning of what areasContinue reading “Painting the Ocean with White Gouache”

Stop, don’t ruin it! There is always the next painting.

Last week I was finishing up a painting and kept noticing what I’ll call weaknesses – areas I wanted to better capture. In an effort to improve the painting I kept tweaking it. In the end I overworked it and should have left it the way it was. I’m learning that as you paint, especiallyContinue reading “Stop, don’t ruin it! There is always the next painting.”

Tips and tools that prove invaluable

When I think about the progress I’ve made in the past two months, there are a few things that standout out to me. First watching videos of other artists painting waves gave me some great tips (which I wrote about here.) Second, one of the artists was using a flat brush so I bought aContinue reading “Tips and tools that prove invaluable”

Learning by painting every day

I’m still amazed that painting every day is such a learning process. Some days of course aren’t great and/or they don’t yield great results, but other days I try things and learn so much, make so much progress – regardless of what the final result is. I guess when you create every day, you’re pickingContinue reading “Learning by painting every day”


Day 14 of the Christmas countdown. Here in NY the forecast is for a couple of bitter cold days. I would much prefer some snow! I’ve been using my gouache paints to create the night sky and the snow. It’s thicker than watercolor. See yesterday’s sky here. Marion painted an adorable snow scene here. CheckContinue reading “Snow”