Back at it

Preoccupied with other things, I didn’t sit down to paint much this week. So, it feels particularly good to make some progress on this painting today. This painting has been hanging around for a few weeks. It was definitely at risk of going into the scrap pile. But I try to give each one aContinue reading “Back at it”

Tips and tools that prove invaluable

When I think about the progress I’ve made in the past two months, there are a few things that standout out to me. First watching videos of other artists painting waves gave me some great tips (which I wrote about here.) Second, one of the artists was using a flat brush so I bought aContinue reading “Tips and tools that prove invaluable”

Tips on painting waves in watercolor

Tips for painting waves in watercolor: Determine what direction the light is coming from Create the waves with dark and light areas. Where is the detail in the painting? And therefore where is the eye drawn to? Contrasts also draw the eye. Keep sliversĀ of white (the paper) which suggests waves in the distance. Add darkContinue reading “Tips on painting waves in watercolor”