Fun and loose in the garden

Today, I decided to sit outside and do a loose, fun watercolor. I didn’t overthink it. I tried hard not to overwork it and I’m happy with the results! It feels good to have some success after two weeks of torment! The week before last, I struggled with beach girl’s face. Then, last week I took a step back and tried to figure out watercolor faces. She is still a work in progress.

Today’s steps:
garden1 garden2 garden5

Practicing painting pansies and other things…

Throughout the day I kept being pulled back to “practicing painting pansies” (say that 10x fast). My intention was to dedicate the day to acrylics – why was it so hard to do that?

I started with a quick warm up sketch. Then, I started playing with the pansies in watercolor. I kept finding excuses not to start with the acrylics – breakfast, more coffee, stripping the sheets off the beds – lol! Finally I forced myself into my studio and started painting.

First I started adding branches to my “sunrise trees” painting. (Inspired by my other tree painting.)

Then I pulled out my “jellyfish”! It has been awhile. I’m not sure I’ll ever finish this one, but I like what I’ve added to it.

Why was it so hard to get into the “acrylic groove?” Watercolors are easy to pull out and work on (and easy to put away). Acrylics require more setup and clean up. Is it that? Or is it that I’m not that inspired by the ones I’m working on? Or maybe I’m more confident with the watercolor? And somewhat intimidated by the acrylics? Whatever it is, I plan on pushing through.

Inspiration found during my run


tulips pansies
I’ve been wondering what to paint next in acrylics. I spotted these tulips, while on my run. These would make a pretty painting! I love running. Actually, back up and erase that. I don’t love running. I love that it’s a quiet time to think and observe – no kids, no distractions. I don’t always feel good while I’m running, but I always feel great after. Sometimes it’s a struggle and I have to distract myself. If I think too much about how far I have to go, I’ll end up walking. So I listen to music or an audiobook and think and look around for inspiration!

Watercolor Flowers – Happy Spring!

Lately, I can’t stop painting flowers. I think I’m just very happy Spring is here! Before flowers, I was painting fruit. lol! In the past I was intimidated by flowers. Now, I am getting into it. My first (recent) attempts were more graphic, less realistic.


Today, I worked hard to get the flower to look like the actual flower. I’ve been loving working in watercolor again!


Intimidated by painting flowers – I decided to let the brush do the work.

Before today, I’ve shied away from paintings flowers. I was intimidated by them, especially roses. Here is my one and only flower painting. (From our Dogwood tree.)

dogwood watercolor

Today, as I was setting up my watercolors, The Company Store catalog caught my eye. I love all the bright patterns in that catalog. On the cover was a graphic flower pattern. It inspired me and I decided to paint flowers. I was probably less intimated because the pattern wasn’t realistic looking flowers.

I really enjoy “warming up” with watercolor (as I like to call it). On my days off, once the lunches are packed, I setup. Once the kids are gone and the house is quiet, I sit and paint with my cup of coffee. More than once I’ve accidentally cleaned my brush in my coffee!

my watercolor setup

Today, as I sat to paint flowers, I decided I’d let the brush do the work. Instead of painting the petal, I just touched the brush to the paper and pulled it up, or in some cases swiped a little. I guess I was channeling that “one stroke flower” painting technique. I even tried having one end of the brush wetter than the other, so the petal was a little different on each end. I was getting the hang of it. It was so fun. Later, when I came home from running errands, I sat and painted more flowers.

flowers2 flowers3

flowers on pink and green