Floating in the pool

Beach girl is playing in the pool! I can’t wait for the lazy days of summer! With two kids “moving up” this past week was crazy busy. I’m looking forward to the summer days when we say, “What should we do today?”

Painting the water was fun.

I struggled a lot with the shading on beach girl’s body. I can’t tell you how many times I “erased” watercolor and tried again – too brown, too black, etc.
floating2 floating3

And her face! I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to present this piece too you. I erased her face so many times, the paper was a wreck and she looked scary. Because I was “done,” I scanned it in and did the best I could to give her a new face (in Photoshop). What are you going to do? Time to move on.

BTW – When I was in high school (a while ago) I saw a painting at MOMA called “Drifting.” What was so cool about the painting was that the dingy in the painting wasn’t centered on the canvas. It was literally drifting off the canvas. What a lesson in composition! I’ve never forgotten it. I’d like to say that beach girl is purposely floating off the page. In reality, I was following a photo I had taken.

I’m looking forward to more time for art next week and more successful projects!

7 thoughts on “Floating in the pool

  1. It’s all good as long as you have fun 😊 I understand the frustration with your watercolor ‘erasing’ and I’m so proud of you for posting ANYWAYS! I really admire that. I’m a bit to hasty with ruined paper and there would be a huge year down the middle if I wasn’t satisfied haha.

    1. Thanks! Notice I wasn’t that brave. I didn’t show you her scary face. Lol! Btw – I just wanted to make sure you got my response to your email (6/6). No need to write back. I just wanted you to know I responded in case it got lost in cyberspace or a spam folder. 🙂

      1. Haha! Well from your scan in, she is not scary and the water looks delightful! Thank you so much for telling me you replied! I found you in spam!!! I had to do a quick fix to my address book lol. Reply coming! …

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