Practicing painting pansies and other things…

Throughout the day I kept being pulled back to “practicing painting pansies” (say that 10x fast). My intention was to dedicate the day to acrylics – why was it so hard to do that?

I started with a quick warm up sketch. Then, I started playing with the pansies in watercolor. I kept finding excuses not to start with the acrylics – breakfast, more coffee, stripping the sheets off the beds – lol! Finally I forced myself into my studio and started painting.

First I started adding branches to my “sunrise trees” painting. (Inspired by my other tree painting.)

Then I pulled out my “jellyfish”! It has been awhile. I’m not sure I’ll ever finish this one, but I like what I’ve added to it.

Why was it so hard to get into the “acrylic groove?” Watercolors are easy to pull out and work on (and easy to put away). Acrylics require more setup and clean up. Is it that? Or is it that I’m not that inspired by the ones I’m working on? Or maybe I’m more confident with the watercolor? And somewhat intimidated by the acrylics? Whatever it is, I plan on pushing through.

2 thoughts on “Practicing painting pansies and other things…

  1. I like your pansies especially. I’m terrified of working in watercolors because I find them so hard to control. Maybe I keep my brush too wet.

    1. Thank you! If the paper and brush aren’t wet, you’ll have the most control. When I painted the pansies I tried all different ways. Lately I’ve been working very wet, just playing to see what happens. I was inspired to work this way by a video I recently watched on YouTube.

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