To Post or Not to Post

I overworked my bird’s nest painting. It’s sad to say. I thought, “Post or not?” Aww, why not? I should have stopped touching the background several steps back, but it is what it is. Lesson learned for next time – I hope. Looking back, I think the problem from the beginning was the background was so loose and the nest so tight. Without realizing it, I think I was trying to reconcile that. I also struggled with giving the nest depth. And I didn’t have the right robin’s egg color, so the color of the eggs is washed out. I would have loved a bright pop for the eggs.
step1nest step2nest
I like the background below.

4 thoughts on “To Post or Not to Post

  1. it’s a struggle sometimes to know how far is too far. I am also going through this process! I do find that taking photos in stages helps me see what was working at certain times…good learning tool! I like the middle one!

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