Some paintings are easy…and then there is this one.

When I say that some paintings are easy, I don’t mean that there aren’t layers and layers to add, and details to fill in. They just feel easy. Each layer and detail added makes the painting better and better. And you know it, as you’re working. But this sunflower felt like childbirth – ha ha. It was theContinue reading “Some paintings are easy…and then there is this one.”

Starting the day with creativity and a sunflower

I love the days where I can start off being creative. When I say start off, I mean after the 2 hours of – waking up the kids, making lunches, and getting the 3 of them to 3 different schools! Now that I am working from home, on most days I start “work” as soon as IContinue reading “Starting the day with creativity and a sunflower”

Painting Sunflowers

I wasn’t sure how to start my painting – detailed or loose? I tried different ways and moved forward with the more detailed one. [See the final painting here.] I took this photo at a farmers’ market. Each time I added paint, I added more details to tighten it up. I wanted the center flower to be the focalContinue reading “Painting Sunflowers”