Painting Sunflowers

I wasn’t sure how to start my painting – detailed or loose? I tried different ways and moved forward with the more detailed one. [See the final painting here.] I took this photo at a farmers’ market.

Each time I added paint, I added more details to tighten it up. I wanted the center flower to be the focal point and the rest to blur away.
sunflower1 sunflower2 sunflowerfinal

5 thoughts on “Painting Sunflowers

  1. It is the most beautiful season! I love sunflowers, and seeing yours made me smile. I’ve been working on some pieces with sunflowers lately, and I’ve always found them a challenge. Locally, they have had the most vibrant almost red sunflowers poking their little noses out. So pretty!

    1. I can’t wait to see yours! They are hard! I just posted what I did with the sunflower outtakes. I’m thinking I may like those better! BTW – the squirrels have left nothing of our pot of corn. It is a pathetic scraggly looking thing. The only corn we’ll be eating is from the store!

      1. I’ll go catch up 🙂 and yes! Sunflowers are so challenging, but so darn pretty. I believe I snorted laughing when I read your corn pot comment!!! Dying here! Bahahaha poor corn!

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