Watercolor for Beginners

Working with outtakes


The other day, when I was painting sunflowers, I started several versions before selecting one to work on in more detail. Today I decided to see what I could do with two of these “outtakes.” I used an ink pen and started scribbling away.

The first outtake immediately reminded me of a feather (when the sunflower’s center flowed all over the paper). So I added ink and made it a feather.

Outtake #1:

The second outtake, looked like a bunch of sunflowers, so I added ink to make it look more finished. Lately I’ve been having fun playing with ink. In the past I shied away – thinking the outline had to be precise and perfect. Now I’m just scratching away, the way I would with a pencil. Is my style coming out?!

Outtake #2:

Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

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15 thoughts on “Working with outtakes

  1. These came out awesome! Love love #2!

  2. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your sunflowers!

  3. Both great!! The feather is floating on the paper – so soft and well, feathery!!

  4. Thank you! The feather started out as the biggest mess and turned out to be my favorite.

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  6. Yes, I’m loving this style! Keep going!

  7. Really nice – like the sunflowers in #2 outtake!

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