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Drawing what your drawn to. {feathers}


I didn’t even realize I loved trees until they kept popping up in my paintings and illustrations. Drawing feathers was more of an accident. I was painting a sunflower when the watercolors bled beyond the shape of the sunflower. I moved on to another version, putting this accident to the side. Over the next couple of weeks whenever I looked at this accident, I saw a feather. Eventually I added ink details to turn it into a feather. You can read more about that “happy accident” here.

Since this “accident,” I’ve draw a lot of feathers, especially over the last couple of weeks. Recently I sketched several feathers in my book. I wanted to add a color background to them, so I started over and drew more feathers on watercolor paper.

feathersinink pencilfeather

For two of the paintings I started with the simple outline of feathers, then painted the backgrounds, and a little color to some of the feathers. I added the feather details in ink after. On the third painting, I painted a feather shape with a pink, purple, blue blend and added ink details afterwards. featherstart


I have a good feeling my September pattern will end up being feathers! 🙂

Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

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18 thoughts on “Drawing what your drawn to. {feathers}

  1. They are beautiful! 🙂

  2. My favs are the blue and black one and the bottom one. Features are hot right now.

  3. I like them all, your pattern will be awesome. Beautiful drawings.

  4. Lovely feathers…the heart knows what it wants. ;D

  5. Inspiration comes and goes like a breeze. And, it can drive you from one project or theme to another. That seems to be how my brain is working. I have been trying to complete a book. But, instead, I’ve been dabbling in silhouette creations/art, moving from one them to another, from race cars to football teams to cartoon soldiers.

    I like feathers and leaves, too. But, just wait, one of these days, the feathers will float away and lure you to another pursuit.

  6. Beautiful. Love the blue one!!

  7. Beautiful job on all of them! They are all different but all perfect!

  8. I love drawing feathers! I really like your colorful ones! They are fun to zentangle too! 🙂

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