Starting the day with creativity and a sunflower

I love the days where I can start off being creative. When I say start off, I mean after the 2 hours of – waking up the kids, making lunches, and getting the 3 of them to 3 different schools! Now that I am working from home, on most days I start “work” as soon as I get back from the last drop off. Even if I try to be creative later in the day, it is not the same as starting the day that way. There is a different vibe to the day. When I start off painting or sketching I feel so much more inspired. And I love the light in the kitchen in the morning.

Below are my steps to creating my sunflower. You can see the final piece here on instagram – and by the way don’t you want to follow me on instagram too? I have a sad and lonely little account with only 11 followers!
bigsunflower1 bigsunflower2
bigsunflower3 bigsunflower4

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