Vote on how I finish this abstract painting!

In home décor stores I often see abstract paintings. They aren’t originals, but prints on canvas. When one catches my eye, I pick it up and after a minute say to myself, “I could do this. How hard could it be? And, I would be able to pick the canvas size and colors that work in my family room.”

I went out and picked a canvas and a couple of tubes of paint. I squeezed the paint directly onto the canvas and blended them around. I thought it looked pretty good. Then, the canvas sat for a while. (This is becoming a common theme, huh?)


Guess what? Abstract painting is not as easy as it looks! Especially, for someone like me, who is into the “details.” My drawings and paintings are usually on the smaller side and focus on details of the subject. When I draw, I usually use many lines, unlike some people who can use one line that speak volumes. I sometimes think I’m overcompensating! Thinking, “one of these lines is bound to be right!”


Now, I want to finish this project. I have a couple of ideas as you can see from my sketches. I’ve even used the computer to simulate these ideas. I’d like to know what you think! Which idea is best suited to the canvas? I’d love to hear from you.


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