Progress on my acrylic Gerbera Daisy

I stole an hour this morning, before the craziness of running around with the kids, to work on my latest painting. I really like how it is coming out! I had a great sense of accomplishment that stayed with me throughout the day.

My latest progress:

gerber this morning

The dark areas really make the flower pop and I didn’t even add any paint to the petals. I plan on continuing to work on the leaves in the background before working on the flower.

The starting point this morning:


my Gerbera

Previous stages:

gerberaacrylic1 gerberaacrylic2 gerberaacrylic2b gerberaacrylic3

2 thoughts on “Progress on my acrylic Gerbera Daisy

  1. Yes, the background really makes your daisy pop. It’s so cool that you work in watercolor, and turn around and work in acrylic. I never had the patience for oil and acrylic painting, so cheers to you for being so versatile.

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