Watercolor for Beginners

Blue Jay Watercolor


I went out on a limb with this painting. ha ha. Seriously, this was a bit of an experiment and I was hesitant to share it with you. Quite frankly, it didn’t come out great, but I’m on a creative journey (dare I say artistic) and trying new things and growing is part of it.

This painting was inspired by two other blogs. Blogging has been great for me, because it motivates me and holds me accountable. The unexpected positive about blogging is the encouragement I’ve received from others – from total strangers! I have even made a few connections that have motivated and inspired me. The bird was inspired by SweetAfternoons. Alisa (of Sweet Afternoons) has taken the time to offer encouragement and tips, which I’m so grateful for. She motivated me to take another stab at painting Gerbera Daisies. And the second time around, I felt I made real progress.

The background (which I painted first), came from a video tutorial that was posted on inkophile. After watching the video, I realized I needed to use these resources to continue to learn and grow.


Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

Watercolor Artist. Receive "Watercolor Basics" pdf download at visit: https://mycreativeresolution.com/newsletter/ and start learning watercolor today!

5 thoughts on “Blue Jay Watercolor

  1. I think your blue jay is FANTASTIC! So happy that you are finding so much inspiration around you to try different things. Thank you so much for the shout out too! Having fun following your blog and creative journey.

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  3. I like your watercolors. You came to visit my art blog at http://dkatiepowellart.me/ — if you have a facebook account you should post it so that I can add you to the artist journal page. You would LOVE it, and now it is invite only (just to keep out spam.) Kate

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