An acrylic painting finished!


It is a huge accomplishment for me to actually finish one of my acrylics! As an inexperienced painter, I often hit a roadblock and give up. Over the past few months I have spent a lot of time painting in acrylics and have learned a lot. I am proud that I moved past the “color” roadblock that I hit while working on this painting.

I did a lot today. I added darks to the leaves, and painted the center of the flower. I also painted the tips of the petals so there wasn’t a gap between the background and the petals. I brightened up the color of the flower, with a more saturated pink.

A part of me wonders, “Is it really finished?” I know I could tweak it for awhile. As I was adding my last tweaks, I thought, “I don’t want to ruin it!” So I stopped and declared the painting done.

Steps today before the finish:

step1today step2today step3today

4 thoughts on “An acrylic painting finished!

  1. The little details add so much depth. Learning to stop at the right time is something you picked up on pretty quick! It took me a long time and many choice words before I learned to hold back, lol. Congrats! Now, how much coffee is in those leaves haha 🙂 ?

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