Watercolor Woodpecker



Another watercolor bird! The other day I was trying to decide what paint, when I heard the woodpecker in the yard. Since finishing my daisy, I’ve haven’t felt very motivated. I’ve had a similar feeling to when you finish a good book and need a break before starting the next one.

Woodpecker steps:
Starting, with inspiration nearby.
When I added the dark areas (picture to the right), I held the paper up to let the paint run and create the grooves in the bark.

woodpecker2 woodpecker3woodpecker5



Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

Web and Print Designer living in New York. I blog about painting, illustration, and designing patterns. Inquires are welcome.

3 thoughts on “Watercolor Woodpecker

  1. The bark looks really good. 🙂

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