Watercolor Week!

This week, I’ve ignored my “weekly checklist” and instead ended up being free and loose with watercolor. After struggling to paint faces the last 2 weeks, it’s a relief to just play, with no expectations and it was fun!

It’s been a while since I attempted a landscape of the beach. I didn’t have high expectations, I just thought, “Let’s give it a try.” I took the reference photo a couple of weeks ago. I grew up at the beach and love everything about it. I’ve always tried to capture it with paint and I’ve had some success and some failures. Water and sand are hard!

For this painting I decided, before I started, that I was going to use white. I think I’ve used white once before – and it wasn’t pretty! I started laying the background colors:

Then, I added in darks and details, including the white foam. I have to admit that I’m proud of how it came out. It’s amazing how just playing can lead to unexpected success. I feel like each painting is a learning experience. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Watercolor Week!

  1. It’s really nice! It looks like a part of a beach with sand and pebbles and the ocean with incoming waves… Pretty! 🙂

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