Painting loose and messy! #watercolor

watercolor jellyfish
It’s amazing how we are influenced by things and they stick with us. I saw this Koosje Koene video back in March of 2014 (courtesy of Inkophile) and it still has an effect on my work! Splashy backgrounds have become my “thing.”

Back when I was taking a watercolor class, I worked so “tight!” I was trying to make things look perfect. Instead they looked stiff. Now I love painting loose and messy.

Here are two other pieces I’ve created recently. Follow me on Instagram to see my latest projects. 🙂
icecream guitar

10 thoughts on “Painting loose and messy! #watercolor

  1. Aww, love them all, but ice cream cones are my favorite! 😀 Watercolor is so playful, I am really enjoying it much more now than before when I was just starting to learn. Happy painting! 🙂

      1. I agree. For me it’s a nice break from pastels and I also love their transparency . 🙂

  2. Hi Eileen- watercolor can be so much fun. I love how color puddles and adds new dimensions. These are lovely paintings!

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