Adding illustration to a logo design. Part 2 – Logo Reveal

I’m so happy to see the logo I designed for the Fall Festival last year back in action this year!

Here is the final logo I wrote about 2 weeks ago in Part 1- Adding illustration to a logo design project. This is the logo project where I really put my years of illustration practice to work!

I was really excited about creating something for the city I was born and raised in. They wanted elements of both the City of Long Beach and the Fall Festival (which the logo was for). Who better than someone born and raised there?

I used the boardwalk, which Long Beach is know for, as well as the iconic City Hall building. And I had to include the bay, because after all, Long Beach is part of a barrier island. Our concept is to modify this logo for other events, by switching out the Fall Festival elements, but maintaining the City elements.

If you are interested in seeing more of my design work please visit my website:

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3 thoughts on “Adding illustration to a logo design. Part 2 – Logo Reveal

  1. Wow…it’s nice to get that sort of vindication for one’s work! It does have that festive feel and look to it. I liked it the first time I saw it, and still do! Hope you’ll show us some re-renderings when they happen. 🙂

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