Paint Regularly


I’ve been missing watercolor lately. I’ve been busy doing other creative things: working in ink for InkTober, and playing around on the iPad with a stylus pen in Adobe Sketch and Adobe Draw.

When I finally sat down with my paints the other day it wasn’t easy. But I’ve learned not to give up, and as I worked I started having some success and was inspired to pull out two unfinished paintings. I went from struggling to learning to painting with confidence.

It had been 2 weeks since I last painted – way too much time! It reminded me of getting back into running after my third child was born. I was running once a week (and doing yoga and other things the other days). I realized that running once a week wasn’t enough. Every time I ran, I felt like I was starting over. It’s similar with painting, drawing, or any craft. The more you do it, the more your skills and confidence build. When too much time passes you start to lose those same things you worked so hard to build up.

So here’s to a more regular painting schedule. 🙂

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