Watercolor Sunsets

Watercolor Sunset by Eileen McKenna | painting in watercolor

It’s been a summer of sunsets. I’ve been teaching the kids at the art center how to paint watercolor sunsets – showing them some of the color possibilities, and how to blend the colors. I encourage them to choose their own color combinations and I love seeing how different their skies are from one another. 

I’ve also been admiring virtual sunsets on Instagram and using some of those photos to paint from. The painting above is inspired by Heidi of @yankeeinsc. Heidi’s photos of sunset skies in South Carolina and the reflections are spectacular. Be sure to visit her on Instagram. 

I’ve also painted from photos taken closer to home. From the account of @sunnydog41 and @charmychar. It’s fun to make the personal connection when you paint someone’s photo. Soon we are going on a short road trip and I’m excited to take my own photos!

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