It’s ironic that the project that started with such excitement and enthusiasm, is the same project that had me avoiding my paints last week. Every time I walked by my painting table and saw the work in progress I thought, “ugh.” I was getting frustrated that I wasn’t being creative, when I realized this projectContinue reading “Avoidance”


I have two new projects that I’m really excited to share with you! After blogging about creativity for over five years, I’m putting the finishing touches on a book! The book – Creative Exploration – is a step by step six week process for introducing regular creativity into your life – exploring mediums, finding inspiration,Continue reading “Announcements”

Soaking up Inspiration

It’s hard to know what I enjoy more, a visit to the beach or time spent painting. Recently I did both in the same day. Obviously it was a good day. The beach visit was an early morning one with my husband and coffee. Love those. The painting session – which took place at homeContinue reading “Soaking up Inspiration”

Creative Excitement

This is the best feeling. It’s creative excitement. I’ve spent a little bit of time organizing my supplies, and now I’m sitting in front of a new creative project – a watercolor painting. I’ve done some prep work – I have my reference photo picked out, I’ve taped down my watercolor paper, I’ve measured andContinue reading “Creative Excitement”

Adding Watercolor Figures

It’s World Watercolor Month and I’ve been working outside of my comfort zone by adding people to my watercolor sketches. I’ve been experimenting with first sketching in pencil, and also with going straight to paint – painting the shape of the body and then adding the clothes. It’s great practice for me, trying to captureContinue reading “Adding Watercolor Figures”

Overcoming Creative Hurdles

Many things prevent us from being creative. Here are a few, with suggestions for overcoming them. Time. We all lead busy lives, but if creativity is a priority you can find time for it. Wake up a few minutes early, watch less TV, or do it while you watch TV. Give up time spent on otherContinue reading “Overcoming Creative Hurdles”

Practice Creativity vs. “Creative Practice”

“Creative Practice” is one of those terms I find intimidating, similar to calling oneself an artist. Technically I guess I have a creative practice. I sit down probably five days a week and draw and paint. Calling it “practicing creativity” is less intimidating. I’m simply sitting down, experimenting, and exploring. Anyone can do it! IContinue reading “Practice Creativity vs. “Creative Practice””

I’m behind but it’s okay #the100dayproject

I’m on day 67 of #the100dayproject, while most people are on day 75. Thankfully every email they send says, “Wherever you are is a great place to be. Truly. You’re on your own path and your own timeline.” This is great, because otherwise being “behind” might cause me to give up. I’m more than halfway there,Continue reading “I’m behind but it’s okay #the100dayproject”

Finishing your creative projects is important

It’s such a good feeling to finish a creative project and motivation for the next one! I used to be awful about following through on my creative ideas. I would start a project excited about my idea and as soon as things got hard or weren’t easily working out like I envisioned I’d give up.Continue reading “Finishing your creative projects is important”

Too Many Creative Ideas? Here’s How to Gain Focus.

As creatives we usually have no shortage of ideas. This is definitely true for me. I never have artist’s block. What I experience is feeling overwhelmed by ideas and not being able to pick a focus and direction. Gain focus with my Creative Ideas planning worksheet – Download it in my Etsy shop here. BeforeContinue reading “Too Many Creative Ideas? Here’s How to Gain Focus.”